Organic Oil Rollers

Sante Cutarras

ANXIETY RELIEF: Use this blend to calm nerves, reduce anxiety, and lift your spirits. It helps to decrease irritability caused by stress and elevate your mood 

STREES RELIEF: Need a break from the worries and stresses of daily life? Let this oil roller blend boost your mood while calming your nerves. 

INSOMNIA RELIEF: Drift off to sleep while a this oil roller blend that promotes relaxation and tranquility. 

ENERDY AND FOCUS BOOSTER: need to focus on work, studying, or just need an energy boost? This blend helps fit fatigue, boosts concentration, and motivates you to get things done!

RESPIRATORY RELIEF: suffering from allergies, congestion, or a nasty cough or cold? This blend will help you breathe easier by opening your lungs and relieving headache pain. 

HEADACHE RELIEF: this blend relieves stress and anxiety - two factors that cause tension headaches and migraines. Use this blend to get headache relief and become calmer and more relaxed.